Felony Probation Procedures During COVID-19

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If you are on felony probation in Georgia and struggling to meet your conditions of probation please contact your community supervision officer. There are steps you can take to ensure that you do not violate your conditions of probation. If you are struggling to pay your fines or fees, you can request a hardship waiver. The most important thing you can do to ensure compliance is to continue to stay in contact with your officer whether by phone or email. Even if you do not reach them, keep a record of your contact attempts through your phone log or email. The number one reason for a probation violation is for lack of contact with the officer.

The Georgia Justice Project created a FAQ article with helpful tips and contact information which I have posted below. At this time, the guidelines only apply to the Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS). If you are on misdemeanor probation, you should contact your probation officer to see if the same options are available.

If you are facing a violation of probation during this time, please contact The Law Office of Nicole L. McArthur. We are open and ready to help you during these challenging times.

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